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Your Guide to Buying Oysters

Oysters are well-loved foods. They can be cooked freshly and in many different ways. You can serve them in parties, formal occasions, family gatherings, and many more. If you are hosting a get-together soon and are thinking of having delicious oysters on your table, you are thinking bright. Who does not love oysters? But with that decision, you are welcoming some kind of challenge to your life. Along with other things to prepare, you need to make sure you look for a supplier who will provide you with fresh, good-sized, quality and tasty oysters. How do you do that? Well, let this article give you some help. Below are hints that you can use in ensuring you buy nothing but the best oysters.

Hints to Consider in Buying Oysters

1. Select the Right Supplier

If you are not a regular oyster shopper, then mostly finding a good supplier will come as a challenge to you. Actually, you can find oysters from online stores, supermarkets and fish markets. But the important thing in here is for you to be able to partner with a supplier who can provide you fresh (not stale) oysters. Keep in mind that oysters are perishable. Once they lose their freshness, you cannot expect them to give you the desired crunch, texture, smell and taste. The key here is to avoid the middleman. More often than not, supermarkets themselves are purchasing in bulk from suppliers or middlemen. In time, the oysters being passed from hand to hand, will lose their quality. Whether you are ordering online or offline, consider buying directly from oyster suppliers.

2. Take the Time to Smell Them

One sure way to find out if the oysters are still fresh is their smell. Fresh oysters should still smell like the minerals, or should smell like the seawater. Oysters that are kept inside tanks may be fresh still but they do not have that mineral small since tanks are replaced with natural waters. If after checking you are able to smell something bad in the oyster, that is an indication that it is no longer great to serve. If you have to push through on buying them, then make it sure you are not going to put them on the table raw. You should be extra careful when buying oysters from an online store. At least the store could give you a chance to check the freshness and quality of the oysters using other means.

3. Know the Price

Oysters are most people’s favorites most particularly for their taste, texture, and nutrients. However, this does not mean that they are the only things that matter when it turns to buying oysters. You have to consider other salient factors like for example the price. Each store has their own pricing for their oysters per kilo, so it pays to know the average. You should check it before placing an order as it can truly be disgusting to be surprised that you are charged more than you the budget you have set.

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