5 Lessons Learned:

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Protecting Minors From Internet Harm.
Since a young age, many children are exposed to the use of technology. With the amount of knowledge that the children have learned it is easier for them to access the internet. So many children are exposed to a variety of dangers when using this technology
Ensuring that children are safe while using the internet should be a top priority for guardians people do not have good intentions. Many children are prone to getting sexually harassed online by people with the aim of harming them.
Parents are able to protect their children from these online stalkers. Whenever the child is using the internet ensure they are safe at all costs.

Ensure you are aware of what the child is doing online.
With the many dangerous sites, parents do not want their children falling victim at any point. Praen s must make sure they are in control to protect the children
Talk to your child and ensure they are well aware of the lurking dangers. Be open with the children let them know there are bad people who use the Internet and can cause harm to them. Tell them that they should inform you if someone tries to make contact with them through the Internet.
Make rules that your children will be mandated to follow whenever they are on the internet. There are sites and websites that are dangerous, lay our the right ones for your child. The children should ask for permission from their parents to talk to anyone via the internet.
The child should know that they are not allowed to share out their personal information with anyone.
Always be aware of your child’s online activity at any time. Be in control and protect your child by checking the history of what they are viewing. This can be done also by keeping the technology devices in an are where you can easily monitor them.

Make sure that the websites have parental control. Age is a factor when setting parental control guides. This parental control changes with the site of responsibility and age of the child.
Be keen and observe changes that can tell that your child is engaging in internet dangers. When your child’s behavior suddenly changes ensure you note and make sure to investigate. THere are many stalkers online that can try to contact your child online make sure you are aware and keep them safe.
It is important to ensure that the child is safe on the internet. Parents are to ensure the safety of their children online. Following rules will ensure parents are in full control ad can easily protect their children from internet harm.